Electropura is a space that was born to enjoy good music with friends. Behind its neutral facade at Pintor Salvador Abril nº 20, hides the soundtrack of Ruzafa. Vinyls carefully selected are the best secret of all initiatives at Electropura.
Drinking and dancing with friends, enjoying acoustic concerts by national and international bands or attending film sessions and multidisciplinary artistic projects. Evenings and nights spent to the rhythm of classics, of the groups with whom we grew up and, of course, giving an overview of today’s music.
Since its opening in 2010, Electropura has become the indispensable club in Ruzafa’s nightlife. With the tenacity of those who know what they want, we try to dance to our rhythm, leading to everyone who comes to our curvilinear venue feeling the heartbeat of music, making this particular space 100% authentic, 100% Ruzafa.

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