friday 26-09-2014 cineforum un autre homme

friday 26-09-2014
un autre homme




A film about passion.
As defined by an astute client of Stromboli.
This is the same passion that leads us to cross lines, pass borders or move beyond our fears and certainties.
We restart Electropura’s cineforum with a bang showing this dark and uncompromising film.
Heads up !!
This is not a film for people who believe that the world is what it seems.
We start!

I say we “start”, where I should say “resumed”. But the truth is that despite the fact that several months have passed, it is not a “start” rather a “resume”. People of Electropura (and Stromboli) are like François Robin, the man who announces this beautiful film: going forward in time without settling the past. That is, we play old vinyls not ignoring the echoes of the future, or cherish an essential part of film history but do not ignoring each individual release. An expert in medieval French, François Robin also lives in two timeframes. Therefore in advancing I discovered with amazement that the time of fables never expires. We are still living in an age of foxes and chickens, hares and tortoises, cicadas and ants … We continue to be stuck in that old story where the strong and smart stand ready to defend, while we try to sneak into his burrow. An ambitious journey, here is where a camera lens always points, filled with overhead shots, looks from the bottom up; it does not stop even in the moments of intimacy. It is not the same to look at a naked body in one direction as in another. The desire is multiplied with vertigo, with consciousness and the possibility of a painful fall. In ” Un autre homme,” there is no friendly way, nor senseless violence, or masked desire. Half of the characters wish to appear unfriendly. That is its diference and its enormous appeal, a strong desire to trap us without being friendly, therefore putting an uncomfortable cover in front of our eyes. The screen seems, at times, to interrogate us, measuring the curiosity of our gaze. Yes, this Swiss film could not have a more promising beginning. In its opacity, the screen becomes doubly aware. It is there and we do not see it. We feel it, we perceive it, we want it … We want to know what it hides. And the best answer palpitates from the other side …

We invite you to cross that threshold this Friday, September 26th, at 20:00h in Electropura (C / Pintor Salvador Abril, nº. 20).

Stay with us if you also have the paradoxical impulse to think that this world is never what it is …


Dani Gascó

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